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Samran Explorations License

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Samran Explorations License
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  • Jabal Samran Prospect is located
    about 120 km northeast of
    Jeddah and its easily to be
    reached from Jeddah city through
    Jeddah- Madinah highway (M15)
    Saudi Gold Refinery Co. is about to start its
    advance exploration program at J. Samran
    License by executing a Core Drilling
    • This drilling campaign is aiming to confirm
    the existence and continuation of the
    mineralization, beside delineate the ore body
    geometry and develop an inferred mineral
    resource estimation.
    • A total of 5450 meters is planned to be core
    drilled at J.Samran as Phase 1 Mineral
    Resource drilling.
    • In the mean time, the preparation of the
    infrastructures for the drilling works is rapidly
    • As a part of the drilling program, Twin holes
    shall be drilled for the historic USGS
    The Mineralization at J.Samarn occurs in a
    monotonous succession of tuffs and lapilli
    tuffs of Dacitic composition.
    Intercalated in the succession are minor
    flows and dykes of Andesitic composition.
    Both these volcanic units host the
    mineralization at varying range (The Dacitic
    tuffs is the main host).
    Both these volcanic units are medium To
    highly sheared and trends generally E-W,
    stroked by many NNW-SSE trending dip-slip
    and Strike-slip faults.