Written by – Suleiman bin Saleh Al-Othaim:

Saudi gold refinery

The inauguration by His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources for Mining Affairs, Engineer Khalid bin Saleh Al-Mudaifer, of the training program for the mining exploration incubator “Nathri”, in the presence of a number of government agency officials and partners from the private sector, came within the framework of the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources’ keenness to create a sustainable local exploration environment to enable… Emerging individual explorers, local small and medium companies, and investors interested in the mining sector, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the National Industrial Development and Logistics Services Programme, to make the mining sector the third pillar of national industries.

It is no secret that the Nuthri Incubator is the ideal platform for entrepreneurs in the Kingdom to invest in the mining sector, to empower explorers and entrepreneurs, develop their skills, and incubate the largest number of startup companies and support them, in cooperation with the Small and Medium Enterprises Authority “Monshaat” and the Saudi Geological Survey Authority, to be Important elements in the development of the mining sector, especially in the field of mining exploration, which is a fertile environment for investment.

The Ministry’s signing of eight memorandums of understanding with 8 international and local companies specialized in the mining sector was a culmination of the Ministry’s efforts to achieve its strategic plans, which aim to exchange practical and scientific experiences between the two parties, contribute to developing the capabilities of explorers in the field of mining exploration, raise technical levels, and provide the necessary support. For incubates, by holding training courses related to exploration activities, resources and mining reserves, developing technical work programs for exploration licenses, in addition to introducing explorers to the requirements necessary to apply for exploration licenses from the technical aspects, and developing their skills in this field.

We are proud of the efforts made by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources in the mining sector because of its great impact in supporting the mining sector and facilitating attracting mining investment and exploiting the natural resources of the earth in alliance with international companies and introducing what the mining industry has reached in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with The ambitious national vision of the Kingdom 2030, which aims in this field to invest in natural resources and their treasures, when the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources called on those interested in the mining sector to register in the “Nathri” incubator for mining exploration, which came as a continuation of the Ministry’s efforts to increase spending rates on business exploration, support the national geological database with technical information, and support more national start-up companies; To develop exploratory sites in the Kingdom to become a gateway to promising industries, with the aim of empowering emerging individual explorers, local small and medium companies, and investors interested in the mining sector, and working to create a local and sustainable exploratory environment, in cooperation with the Geological Survey and the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monshaat.”

The necessity of having a prolific incubator was that the mining sector is one of the overlapping sectors in which success requires not only the possession of technical capabilities and experience, but also the availability of liquidity, which can represent an obstacle for many national cadres of the young age group who are eager to engage in this field, and from here. The relevance and importance of the Nashri initiative came to empower youth in the field of mining.
Today, we renew our praise for the new training program of the Mining Exploration Incubator “Nathri” in appreciation of this important initiative and an emphasis on the importance of its role in strengthening the mining sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The incubator program Mining exploration “Nathri” is a strategic initiative aimed at promoting exploration and prospecting for minerals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the aim of developing the capabilities of local youth and enabling them to participate in the search and prospecting operations for valuable mineral resources in the Kingdom. It comes within the framework of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which seeks to diversify the Saudi economy and rely on non-oil sectors. This approach has been implemented by the Saudi Gold Refinery to confirm this diversity in economic resources.

The “Nathri” program has been carefully designed to provide the necessary training and guidance to ambitious young people who want to work in the mining industry. The program offers opportunities for practical training and learning from experts in the field, and organizes workshops and interactive activities to enhance skills and develop knowledge in the field of mining exploration. The program also provides opportunities to collaborate with other mining companies and benefit from an expanding network of relationships in the mining industry.

Here we want to emphasize that the “Nathri” Mining Exploration Incubator initiative reflects the vision of the Saudi Gold Refinery Company in promoting sustainability and sustainable development in the mining sector in order to provide a training and development environment that encourages talented youth to invest in their professional future in the field of mining to enhance the competitiveness of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of mining. To better exploit its mineral resources and achieve self-sufficiency in this vital sector.

In conclusion, we can affirm our pride in the efforts made to implement this initiative and stress the importance of developing local talent and empowering Saudi youth in the mining industry, stressing the commitment of the Saudi Gold Refinery Company to support such initiatives that enhance the capabilities of youth and work to enhance innovation and development in the mining sector.